10 Best Prop Firms for Funded Traders

10 Best Prop Firms for Funded Traders

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What are the best prop firms for funded traders? For many experienced traders, the transition from a small personal trading account to a fully-funded forex trading account can be life-changing. There are many benefits to getting funded as long as you are willing to put the time and effort in. The funding industry is expanding faster than ever, and with all the new prop firms popping up left, right and centre, it’s becoming more difficult to choose which proprietary firm you’d like to join.

When choosing your prop firm, there are so many factors to choose from, such as account size, sign-up fees, leverage, drawdown and trading requirements. We have compiled an easy-to-understand list of the 10 best prop firms across the globe.

Please note that this blog is just a guide to the best prop firms – we strongly recommend doing your own personal research before deciding which prop firm you would like to invest your capital with. 

10 Best Prop Firms For Traders

  1. FTMO

Best Prop Firms: FTMO

FTMO is the most well-known prop firm around and rightfully so. Over the past year, FTMO have made their mark in the industry. Great reputation, great trader support, a few options of top brokers to choose from, simple trading requirements, 70% profit share, up to $400,000 funding, and a large following! Read our in-depth review of FTMO’s funded accounts here.

  1. BluFX

BluFX are no longer in operation.

The 5%ers are one of the most highly respected prop firms in the world, and it’s for good reason. They have a great reputation, a 50% profit share, funding up to $1,280,000 and they double your account funding at every target you reach. For day traders and swing traders, you will be pleased to know that you have 180 days to reach your targets, and you are allowed to hold trades over the weekend. What more would you want? Their maximum stopout is something you might want to consider before signing up. Check out the review here.

  1. My Forex Funds

My Forex Funds were founded recently in 2020, but they are already creating waves in the industry with funding up to $50,000 with no challenges (depending on which account you choose: they offer Rapid, Evaluation, or Accelerated). They also offer a performance challenge with no daily drawdown limit. Should you pass, you could get funded up to $200,000 to trade with and a profit split of 85%!

  1. Lux Trading Firm

Swing traders, this one may speak to you. Lux Trading Firm is a highly recommended prop firm that offers funding up to $150,000 with no time limits, no profit targets, and a profit split of 65%. You are also allowed to hold trades over weekends. Should you have an interest in their scaling model, they offer up to $2.5m in funding.

  1. City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium offer instant funding up to $2m, an entire year to pass the evaluation phase, 10% profit target, high leverage of 1:100, and any trading style welcome. They are known to have one of the fastest scaling plans ever.

  1. TopStep FX

Futures traders, this one may speak to you. Topstep is a top funding platform for both forex and futures traders. They have basic requirements, offer professional coaching to traders, and offer up to $500,000 in funding.

  1. Audacity Capital

Audacity Capital, based in the United Kingdom, have been in operation since mid-2012. They offer a profit split of 50%, an excellent rapid scaling program, and no evaluation phase.

  1. The Prop Trading

The Prop Trading offer funding of up to $200,000, with 1:200 leverage, an 80% profit split, a scaling plan and a range of forex pairs, cryptos and indices to trade with. Similar to FTMO, they have a 2-step process to get funded and a very achievable profit target of 8%, making The Prop Trading one of the most relaxed prop firms out there.

  1. Fidelcrest









Fidelcrest mainly focuses on forex pairs only, they offer a profit split of 80% on the funded accounts. The funding available is up to $400,000, and they offer a scaling plan of up to $800,000. Each 15% profit gain means an extra 25% of the account is added over each 3-month cycle with a high leverage of 1:100.

What’s the best prop firm for me?

Many prop firms have their advantages and their disadvantages – whether it be low leverage, entry-level profit split, difficult challenges and evaluations – so it’s up to you to find the model that best suits you. Every trader is different, but our preference is those prop firms who offer instant funding with no challenges – so you can get started trading straight away. Sounds good? Choose BluFX, The 5%ers, or My Forex Funds.

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