A Prop Firm with DAILY PAYOUTS???

A Prop Firm with DAILY PAYOUTS???

Daily payouts? New packages? Lucrative referral system? What more could you want?

Check out our NEW and IMPROVED review on BluFX here.

For those of you who don’t know.

BluFX are dominating the industry and remain among the top with other prop firms like FTMO and My Forex Funds.



Well, they offer an instant funding model that requires no challenge or trading history.
It is as simple as signing up, paying your fee, and getting funded!
They also have Islamic Shia Compliant Accounts.
They offer a growth program that funds up to $1,000,000.
The withdrawal split is 50%. BluFX may be the perfect prop firm choice for traders seeking instant funding.

But wait… there’s more!

BluFX now offer daily payouts and officially became the first prop firm to ever do so. This is just another sign proving that BluFX really cares about their traders.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up now!

“Hello Traders!


You can now request a payout any day of the week Mon – Friday and receive your payout within 5 business days.

We hope this creates a seamless experience for our traders so you can get back to focusing on what you do best.

Happy trading!” 

Prop Firm BluFX Daily Payouts

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