What is a Prop Trader?

What’s up?

I’m Poul Chris Arkner, from South Africa. I started my trading journey in March 2019 and immediately thought that forex was going to make me an overnight millionaire. Sound familiar?

The reality is that it takes years to become a success.

But the idea that you can become an overnight success is very common among new traders, and it will get you spending loads of unnecessary money on signal groups, mentors, and even training seminars. You’ll attempt to grow your account after blowing it several times – spending more and more capital as you go. Avoiding this cycle is just one of many reasons to get funded. If someone told me this before I began my own journey, I would have saved a lot of money.

90% of traders lose 90% of their capital within 90 days – and this is the exact reason we see more and more brokers popping up. Now prop firms use the very same business model to profit from newer traders – through tough challenges, evaluation tests, demo accounts, and harsh trading requirements.

How can a trader know what it’s really like to trade with these prop firms? The short answer: you can’t, unless you undergo the process of signing up. But that takes time – and money – you might not have.

This got me thinking: what if I could put my money where my mouth is, and test each prop firm for traders like you so you can know what you’re signing up for? You’ll get to see an honest, accurate review of each firm – its pros and cons, as well as how well each one performs with payouts, customer support and withdrawal processes. Unlike other review sites, I wouldn’t copy and paste what the prop firms said themselves – but would go through the processes like any trader would.

With this in mind, I began Prop Trader.

Prop Trader
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