Weekly payouts, new website. – and more. BluFX steps up!

Weekly payouts, new website. – and more. BluFX steps up!

Weekly payouts? New website? Lucrative referral system? What more could you want?


For those of you who don’t know.

BluFX are dominating the industry and remain among the top with other prop firms like FTMO and My Forex Funds.

Well, they offer an instant funding model that requires no challenge or trading history.
It is as simple as signing up, paying your fee of either £99pm for a $25,000 Lite Account or £249pm for a $50,000 Pro Account.
They also have Islamic Shia Compliant Accounts.
They offer a growth program that funds up to $1,000,000.
The withdrawal split is 50%. BluFX may be the perfect choice for traders seeking instant funding.
Updated BluFX Website

BluFX have released a new website update.

They have also introduced weekly payouts.

The removal of the 0.50 cap, and a new and improved referral program.

Traders can now request their 5% withdrawal weekly.

Withdrawals take place before 17:30 London time each Thursday.

Payouts will occur by the end of the Friday same week.

Payout methods still remain the same.

Traders can now make use of their full margin on a single trade with the removal of the 0.5 lot size cap.

Traders can now open whatever lot size they wish, so long as their margin allows for it.

There has also been an update to the referral program.

Now available to anyone and everyone, regardless of whether you are a trader at BluFX, or not.

Affiliate commissions can also be paid out weekly with the same rules applying.

BluFX Updates
BluFX Lot Size
BluFX Weekly withdrawals
BluFX Updates Affiliate

What other changes would you like to see made to the BluFX model?

Let us at Prop-Trader know in the comment section below.

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If you would like to sign up with BluFX, click here.

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