BluFX celebrates its 10 year anniversary,

and for this special time, they wanted to do something a little different for their audience. BluFX has just released a one-time fee package!

BluFX 10 year anniversary

So what is the package?

Upon paying the one-time fee of £269 (£349 for a swap-free account), you will receive a live instant funded account, not a demo, of $20,0000. Leverage has been increased to 1:5, thus your buying power will be $100,000. The profit split remains 50%. The profit target is $2,000, 10% and the maximum drawdown is $800, 4%. You will have 40 calendar days to reach the profit target, if you do, you will become a BluFX Contract Trader. Subsequently, you’ll need to reach a minimum of $1200 within the 40 days to withdraw your profit split. If you don’t reach the target, you fail, but you will be eligible for a retake. If you make a minimum of $1,000 in the first forty 40 days, a 50% discount on the fee will be given for a retake. However, if a trader makes less than $1,000 then the full price must be paid for a retake.

Anniversary account parameters

So, to simplify things for you, these are the benefits:

  • To my knowledge, this is the cheapest one-time fee package on the market that requires no challenges and no previous trading history.
  • Most challenges require a duration of 90-120 days to reach the relevant target, with the BluFX Anniversary Package, which starts you off on a live account, you could earn $4400 within that same period, and that is after the profit split!
  • In the 40 day cycle, you do not have to make a new $1,200, you can make it once and keep it in the account to continue being contracted to BluFX, no extra charges.
  • Depending on your trading results, you can potentially pay once, and withdraw weekly!
  • You are able to trade news, and there is no daily drawdown. – Plenty margin to trade risk free.
  • While demo challenges cost you three to four months and then require you to hit another profit target again on live before you can start withdrawing, you can start withdrawing right away from the anniversary package and we need to make it loud that this isn’t a demo challenge

But wait, some of you may be ecstatic to know that expert advisors and indicators are allowed! No minimum trading days, no daily drawdown limits! If you already have an existing account with BluFX, you will still be able to sign up for the anniversary package.

Have you purchased the anniversary account yet? If you have, keep us updated on how your journey is so far in the comments below!
If not, sign up here!
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