How Prop Trading From Home Can Get You Back On Your Feet.

How Prop Trading From Home Can Get You Back On Your Feet.

Prop trading from home continues to grow more and more each and every day! Especially in times like Covid-19. Why wouldn’t it? You get to stay at home, in pyjamas, television on, food cooking all whilst you make money through a phone, tablet or PC. Sounds good right? Well, here is how prop trading from home may just get you up and running again.

Go to sleep, and you might wake up with an economic crashing virus, and a stay-at-home lifestyle – cash strapped.

Covid-19 no income

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive economic shock across the world due to business interruptions and shutdowns from social-distancing measures. We saw the markets do some crazy things, some made money, some lost it all. Worst of all, millions became jobless within a blink of an eye, and you could be one of them, what do you do?

Of course, there is a possibility of funding your own account and taking the chances of trading, by all means, go ahead. What if I told you there was something bigger? Something better?

You are an excellent trader, or you are at least on your way to becoming one, how do I know? Well, that’s why you are reading this very blog post! You have a skill that not many people can attain. The majority of traders crumble within the first months of their journey because they can not handle the emotional pain and psychological impacts that come along with trading the forex markets.

The demand for jobs is at its’ highest, and it only continues to grow more and more each day, as we transition into the next wave of each strain, more and more pressure gets put onto the economy, and ultimately – you.

Modern problems require modern solutions! – Prop trading from home.

No income, no job due to Covid.

So, you are sitting at home, you need capital, and for whatever reason, whether it is to pay the rent, fill up the car, or simply get groceries. Your solution is literally right at your fingertips, and not only is it at your fingertips, but it is also extremely thorough in providing in-depth and easy-to-understand information, for you to read and reap from!

That solution is getting funded, prop trading from home! Have a look at the extensive reviews done by us, at Prop Trader. Also, have a look at What is Prop Trading – and Should You Get Funded?

Getting funded through a prop firm not only provides you a large amount of capital to trade with within the markets, but you have no risk whatsoever, other than your initial monthly/one-time fee of course. Face the facts, trying to grow and self-funded small account is quite difficult when taking into consideration high volatility, high impact fundamental events and so on, chances are you are going to get that margin call.

The fee you pay for any funded account is minimal when compared to the facts stated above, and in saying so, this is the best solution to provide you and cheaper opportunity that could be the choice that gets you to that success I so desperately wish for you to reach.

But wait… certain trading requirements may stop you from prop trading at home.

Covid-19 wait solution

One thing to take into consideration when prop trading from home with a prop firm, is that you need to know if you can pass a challenge or evaluation phase, these are trial phases you need to pass once you pay for an account through prop firms such as FTMO, Funding Talent, and so on. If you do not pass these trials, you lose your participation fee. Yes, some firms do offer a free retry, but only upon account trade reviews and ensuring your account has some profits in it.

The alternative is to get instant funding, yes that’s right, instant funding. Prop firms such as BluFX offer instant funding for accounts up to $50,000 for only £249 per month. The 5%ers also offer instant funding but are limited to certain accounts only.

Are you ready to become a funded trader through a proprietary firm? There are plenty to choose from, BluFX, FTMO, My Forex Funds, and the list goes on…

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