Are you a profitable forex trader looking to get funded? The forex-funded program offers talented traders the opportunity to trade with a funded account. The program allows traders to trade with up to $1,000,000 in capital and keep 50-90% of trading profits generated.

If you’re an experienced forex trader, your talent and experience can unlock access to funding opportunities. If you are new in the industry or want to improve your trading skills, proprietary trader training can help you get there.

This is not a competition but an opportunity for successful traders to prove their talent and become part of the most elite group of traders in the market. Start by getting funded and begin trading currencies, stocks, commodities, and indices from around the world from one account.

What is the Funded Trader Program?

Funded Trader Program offers world-renowned funding opportunities for aspiring and talented forex traders worldwide. If you have proven strategies and have good knowledge about forex trading, this program can help you achieve your goals and make a name for yourself in the industry. This is a step by step guide on how to join a Forex funding program in 2022:

  1. Sign up for a forex funding program
    What is a forex funded program

All you need to do is search for forex funding programs, and you’d find dozens of them offering great details about their services. They will tell you how much they are willing to fund you, what kind of investment plans they offer and what sort of profitability percentage you can expect. Once you have found a suitable program that matches your skill level and trading style, apply directly with the company within their website.

  1. Complete the application form
    Complete the application form

After successfully passing the eligibility criteria, you must complete an online application form. This form will ask for your personal information, employment history, and trading experience (if any). The information you include here should be exactly similar to what is written on your CV and resume, as this information will be further verified. You will also be asked to submit a copy of your passport or driving license so that the company can verify your identity.

  1. Upload your proof of address and ID documents (passport or driver’s license).
    Upload your proof of address

After you’ve reviewed all of your application information, you will be required to upload scanned copies of proof of address and identification documents. Ensure these are clear and readable, as a compliance team will review them before approval. You can upload the documents in the Document Upload section in your account area. After your registration, the documents will be used for Identity Verification (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering purposes.

  1. Show your skills in the demo account
    Show your skills on a demo account

Trading demo accounts are ideal for beginners looking to practice their trading skills. Unlike real money accounts, a demo account doesn’t have significant risks attached, as trades and losses don’t cost any actual money. It also gives you access to virtually every type of financial instrument out there, which is especially helpful for those less familiar with financial jargon or more experienced traders who want access to specific assets not typically found on other platforms.

That being said, many forex-funded programs require applicants to trade a certain amount of time in a demo account before they can move into live trading—if that’s what you prefer, make sure your potential program allows it.

  1. Fund your account with the minimum amount and start trading!
    Fund your account with the minimum amount

Since most of these programs only allow you to trade with the funds they give you, make sure that you only fund your account with enough money that will enable you to start trading immediately. If there is any amount left over, consider investing it into your own personal development. You can also take profits off of your first trades. For example, if you funded your account with $1,000 and made $1,500 on your first three trades, you can use half of those gains to invest back into your training program or other ways that can help advance you as a trader!

Getting started on the right foot 

It can be tough not knowing where or how to begin if you’re starting your forex journey. You want to do everything you can to set yourself up for success. Still, with so many resources at your disposal and an overwhelming array of information, it’s hard to know what will give you results and what is irrelevant. Here are three ways that new traders should prioritize when first starting their journey toward investment success

  1. Put your funds in the right place: Don’t let anyone tell you that margin trading isn’t safe—they’re lying. Used correctly, margin can take your account balance higher than you ever thought possible; used incorrectly, it could wipe you out completely! Remember: if you have to ask whether or not something is safe…it probably isn’t!
  2. Find out what others are doing: Have you noticed that no two investors trade precisely alike? While they may both operate with similar strategies, every trader has their way of doing things, meaning there’s no right way and wrong way when it comes to making money online. To help ensure that you aren’t blindly following someone else’s strategy, talk to as many successful forex traders as possible. Then develop your method based on what works best for you!
  3. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have hundreds of thousands to invest right off the bat: You can always start small and build your way up, but make sure that you put enough money into your account that it won’t get eaten up by fees. Depending on what type of trader you are, there are several ways that you can choose to deposit your funds. When it comes time for withdrawal, though, make sure that you move them back into cold storage! Whether you plan to day trade or you want to long-term hold onto your positions, there is one thing all forex traders should remember: Money management is everything!

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