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The 5%ers

Instant funding for forex traders. Take our capital, keep the profit!
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The 5%ers

The 5%ers are one of the most highly respected prop firms in the world, and it’s for good reason. They have a great reputation, a 50% profit share, funding up to $1,280,000 and they double your account funding at every target you reach. The 5%ers have the usual trading requirements, For Day Traders and Swing Traders, you will be pleased to know that you have 180 days to reach your targets, and you are allowed to hold trades over the weekend, what more would you want?

  • Community for Traders.
  • Instant Funding.
  • Real Live Accounts.
  • Up to $3.8M in funding.
  • EAs allowed.
  • Trading News is permitted.
  • Over weekend holding permitted.
  • Overnight holding permitted.
  • Low Leverage 1:6-1:30.
  • 50% profit split.

Account Types:

The 5%ers Prop Trader Review

The5%ers have 2 different challenge accounts to choose from, and that depends on what kind of trader you are. They offer a low risk program that is created for well-disciplined traders. The growth rate at which your account is doubled is much faster as compared to the aggressive program, which was designed for traders who prefer larger risks within the markets. There is no fixed stop loss on this program.

Should you pass the initial challenge, you will receive 4 x greater funding of your initial instant funded account, i.e. $10,000 will become $40,000. For low risk program, traders have to reach a 10% gain in net profit in order to receive double the account funding. The aggressive program requires a 25% gain in net profit. Should you consistently reach these targets, you have guaranteed funding of up to $1,280,000.

The profit target is 6% (7% on the $80k account) on the low risk program and 12% on the aggressive program. The maximum stop out is concerning, with a tight 4% across all accounts and for each account, the 4% works out to LESS than your sign-up fee. There are other instant funding prop firms out there, like BluFX, who not only provide larger accounts, $25,000 for £99 per month, and $50,000 for only £249 per month but have a maximum stop out of 10% which works out to greater capital vs participation fee. – That’s impressive!

Growth Schedule – Low Risk Program

The 5%ers Prop Trader Review

Aggressive Program

The 5%ers Prop Trader Review

Choosing which account you would like to trade with is imperative, take into account your funding size, $24,000 – $80,000. Obviously the higher the account size, the higher the one-time fee will be, however, regardless of what size account you choose, you can still grow it to the guaranteed funding of $1,280,000. Just remember to take that one time fee into account regarding your max stop out level. 4%? You and I both know you could hit that in 2 or 3 trades, especially without low leverage.

Low leverage means low risk!


Low risk program 1:6

Aggressive program 1:30

Available Pairs

All forex pairs.


The 5%ers continue to make waves in the industry with their guaranteed funding of up to $1,280,000. However, I feel that their one time fee being higher than the stop out level will be detrimental to traders’ results. Another thing I noticed on their website is that before, the one time fee was displayed in dollars, which easily showed traders that the fee was higher than the dollar stop out level, but now it has been changed to pounds while the stop out remained to display as dollars, this makes it seem like it is lower than the max stop out level, and they do this knowing traders’ are too lazy to even convert a price from € to $. Is it to hide the fact that you are essentially paying more than you are allowed to lose/trade?- Just seems dishonest to me.

See below screenshot of the old website as compared to the new website ( above ).

The 5%ers Prop Trader Review

(The 5%ers have mentioned that the reason for Euro to Dollar exchange is to minimize commissions charged for currency exchange payouts, and not to mislead traders.)

What are your thoughts on The 5%ers? Have you traded with them before? I’d like to know, please let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading this in-depth review. Be sure to check out our other reviews here.


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