The5%ers, a prop firm that will forever leave a mark, traders love them, I love them, and perhaps you do too. But just when we thought they could not get even BETTER, these bootcamp challenge changes came along.
So, as we know, the 5%ers bootcamp challenge is a low-entry-cost challenge that was introduced in November 2020, in this challenge, you are required to demonstrate your trading skills and only pay the remaining entry fee upon PASSING the challenge! Yeah, that is right, you only have to pay a fraction of the full price beforehand, this eliminates the risk of losing the full amount on a challenge.
The 5%ers Prop Trader Bootcamp Review


The first obvious and major improvement would be the addition of a new account. Instead of only offering a $100,000 Bootcamp Challenge, they now offer a $250,000 account too! – How crazy?

So, basically, the $100,000 challenge will still require you to pay a total of €205, but the change is, you now need to pay €95 of the total €205 upfront fee, once you pass the challenge, you pay the remaining €110. If you fail the challenge, you only lose €95 and go home empty-handed. (The old $100,000 challenge required an upfront fee of €85 and a total fee of €300)

The $250,000 challenge will require you to pay an upfront fee of €225 and a total fee of €350. – Really interesting.

Both accounts will operate on a leverage of 1:10 and have no minimum trading days or trading requirements. Be careful with their account expiration which occurs after 21 days of no trading activity. – Trade trade trade!

You will have access to scaling the account which will happen every 5% gain in profit. Each trader is limited to 3 accounts at a time.

By the way, Indices have been added too! – Which is exactly what their traders have been asking for.

The5%ers Bootcamp challenge:

  • Challenge 1 – $25,000 Starting balance. – $1,250 (5%) Maximum loss. – $1,500 (6%) Profit target.
  • Challenge 2 – $50,000 Starting balance. – $2,500 (5%) Maximum loss. – $3,000 (6%) Profit target.
  • Challenge 3 – $75,000 Starting balance. – $3,750 (5%) Maximum loss. – $4,500 (6%) Profit target.

Once you pass all three challenge stages you will be awarded your $100,000 or $250,000 live-funded account, with up to 75% – 100% profit split! – What?

Again, with every 5% gain in profit, you will be scaled up in funding, check the scaling list below:


5%ers bootcamp


“The5%ers Bootcamp changes are here.
The best funding for your buck.
All the changes apply to those who are already trading in Bootcamp
So here are the exciting improvements to the very loved Bootcamp.
More Capital – The new $250,000 funded account – Pay only €225 to start and €350 only once you pass.
More value – Not only will you pay a low entry cost, but the total amount is the lowest price in the industry – €575 for a $250,000 funded account.
More Profit – 75% profit split from level 2.
So, if you are now trading level 2, you just made more money!
More Assets – Indices are now available.
Bootcamp – The only low-cost program where you can prove your trading skills and pay the rest upon success.”

5%ers bootcamp

What are you waiting for?

SIGN UP now!


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